Roof Consultants in Southern Ontario

Thermaco Engineering Services (1986) are consulting engineers and roof consultants in Mississauga, Ontario offering specialized services in building sciences including the evaluation, design, tendering, construction and the management of roofing systems. We prepare cost effective preventative maintenance programs to assist our clients in maintaining their building assets.

Thermaco also specializes in providing technical audits on buildings, due diligence reports, expert testimony, building envelope studies, building litigation and construction, visual inspections, infrared electrical inspections, condition reports and insurance claims.

Thermaco is a leading consultant in the field of thermography and provides:

  • Building envelope studies
  • IR scanning
  • Roof condition surveys
  • Roofing leakage detection
  • Electrical low voltage distribution scanning
  • High voltage transmission infrared scanning
  • Infrared roof inspections
  • Evaluation of process equipment
  • Heat loss evaluation of process equipment
  • Roof assessment for insurance & litigation claims
  • Infrared electrical inspections
  • Roof inspection